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Report: Valve's Steam controller finalized, unveiling at GDC

Valve's evolving Steam Controller has been finalized, according to the CEO of Origin PC, and will be shown off during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March, GameSpot reports.

"At GDC, they're going to have more information," Origin's Kevin Wasielewski told GameStop during a CES interview. "And we'll be there. That's the official stuff we can say. They came out with the controller, then they got some user feedback, and they had to revamp it; they got some more user feedback and had to revamp it again. So they went through that like three or four times. And now their controller is finalized. So now they're going to production and at GDC is when they're going to announce more stuff."

The controller has been under development, changing several times, since its 2013 unveiling. Concepts for the controller have included a touch-pad and feedback. The original version did not have standard thumbsticks, face buttons nor a directional pad when it was on display at last year's CES. (Seen in the video above.)

Valve decided not to attend this year's CES and won't be hosting a developers conference this year. Instead, the company says it wants to focus its public showing on the upcoming Game Developers Conference.

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