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Make your first game right now, with no experience (really)

Tom Francis used to write for PC Gamer, and then he decided to make his own game. The problem was that he had very little idea of how to actually do that.

He started from scratch, and the result was Gunpoint, a successful title "about rewiring things and punching people." He's now working on a game called Heat Signature that looks equally interesting.

Everyone has to start somewhere, but Francis is currently working on a great series of videos that will help anyone start from zero and begin making games. You can watch the first episode above, but I'm going to warn you that by doing so you're removing any and all excuses about why you can't make a game.

This blog post also has great advice about taking those first few steps. Start tiny, re-make something you know, and understand what you're doing every step of the way.

It's time for you to make your own game now. Get to work. Don't be worried about your lack of experience, don't be snobby about the tools you use, sit down and create something. This video is a great place to start.