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How One Direction ruined this European coding conference

A coding conference in Cardiff, Wales has been disrupted after fans of the hugely popular U.K. boyband One Direction booked all nearby hotel accomodations for the musical act's concert in June, conference planners at DjangoCon have confirmed.

One Direction is holding only two U.K. concerts during their European tour, both to take place at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium during the planned dates for DjangoCon later in the year. As a result, the area is expected to see an influx of 140,000 people on June 5 and 6, on top of Cardiff's population of just 340,000.

Now, writes a DjangoCon representative, most of the nearby hotels are fully booked. "...[H]otels we have been discussing attendee accommodation with have informed us that their rooms are now fully booked," reads a statement. "In fact, nearly no hotel accommodation is now available, either in the city or around it on those dates."

DjangoCon will now be rescheduled, with plans to re-open registration soon. Those who previously registered can alternatively receive a full refund if the new dates are unsuitable.

"We'll probably find this funny, when we look back on it (perhaps as soon as fifty or sixty years from now) but at the moment we're not enjoying the situation," write conference planners.

DjangoCon is an annual coding convention for people who code in Django, a web framework that powers Instagram and Pinterest.

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