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Someone turned gaming's arguably worst box art into an amazing action figure

Bad box art Mega Man, the terrible offspring of 1987 NES Mega Man's North American box art, has been brought, thank god not to life, but to an action figure.

While still intensely disconcerting, the action figure isn't based directly on that original piece of leaning, squinting art, but rather Capcom's own reinvention of its early cover mistakes: the playable Bad Box Art Mega Man character in Street Fighter x Tekken. You can see both images below.


The end result is slightly ripped, slightly pot-bellied Everyman take on Mega Man. Here's a hero who, with his absurdly tiny pelvis, has to get things done, despite the ridiculous costume he's shoved his oddly-shaped body into. He may not be the hero you want, but he's probably the one we all deserve. Hey, at least he's got that chin.


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