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D4 didn't have enough memes for someone, so its developer wrote and drank tequila

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die is, by any reasonable measure, a weird game, but developer Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro told Gamasutra that some believed it needed something more viral.

When Swery, the mastermind of the cult hit Deadly Premonition, was developing his latest game, he got some notes.

"But I got some feedback from the company saying we had to put some things in this game that would become internet memes, like with DP," he said. "What would you do in that situation?"

D4 was released last September exclusively for Xbox One and published by Microsoft Studios. Not particularly happy about the notes he was being given, Swery took to writing and drinking.

"Development-wise, I overcame it by rewriting the script seven times," he said. "To overcome it personally, I just kept drinking tequila and believed that what I was doing was right."

For more on the game, which is available free right now through Microsoft's Games with Gold program, be sure to read Polygon's D4 review. Press play below to see its oddities in motion.

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