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If you liked Crossy Road, you're going to love Shooty Skies

Your new favorite iPhone game is out. It's called Shooty Skies and you're not going to be able to stop playing it.

The game comes from Mighty Games, a mashup of talent from Hipster Whale's Matt Hall and Andy Sum (creators of Crossy Road) and entertainment industry veterans Ben Britten and Matt Ditton.

The game is an endless arcade shoot-em-up that's fueled by a bizarre mix of enemies created in a neato blocky-graphic aesthetic.

Hipster Whale's Matt Hall writes that one of his key rules for mobile game development is that he has to be able to prototype the game in 48 hours and build the beta in six weeks. And that seems to be working for him and the team, Shooty Skies is a remarkably fun game that is as hard to put down as it is easy to pick up.

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