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Shadowhunters trailer shown, premiere date announced at New York Comic-Con

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Considering there are 1,715 shows on television right now, it seems difficult to imagine new series getting the traction they need to receive a full season order. But if the reaction on social media is anything to go by, Shadowhunters just might be the show to do it.

Based on the best-selling young adult fiction series, The Mortal Instruments, Shadowhunters follows teenager Clary Fray, who after her mother is kidnapped, discovers she's a descendent of a long line of human-angel hybrids tasked with destroying evil supernatural beings that take up residence on Earth. Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Supernatural.

The trailer, which was unveiled at New York Comic-Con on Friday, introduces fans of the series to the actors (all relatively new to the screen) who will portray the beloved characters. Clary will be played by Katherine McNamara, while the two male leads in the book — Jace and Alec — will be played by Dominic Sherwood and Matthew Daddario.

Shadowhunters premieres on Freeform (formerly ABC Family) on Jan. 12, 2016. Watch the trailer for the series below:

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