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Just Cause 3: 41 minutes of 60fps gameplay from the gorgeous PC version

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Here are just a few of the things that happen in this Just Cause 3 footage we recently captured at a preview event:

  • Hanging upside-down from an unmanned helicopter to fire a rocket launcher at another helicopter.
  • Attaching an explosive to a friendly soldier, then grappling him to a tower to knock it down.
  • Multi-grappling an enormous fuel tank towards an enemy soldier, decoupling it from the ground and dragging it through the dirt towards an enemy soldier, where it triggers a massive explosion, killing the soldier, destroying a nearby radar, and sending an enormous tower next to it tumbling to the ground.
  • Witnessing a Jeep full of enemy soldiers careening toward us at 80 miles per hour which accidentally smashes into and destroys a parked car and shed, giving us enough time to shoot a gas tank, attach ourselves to it, and escape – but not before blowing ourselves up with it in midair, sending us into a downward ragdoll spiral which we barely survive by grappling ourselves into the ground, kicking a doppler radar in half as we zoom past it.

And that's just in the first four minutes.

Above, watch 41 minutes of 1080p, 60fps gameplay captured from the PC version of Just Cause 3, which is coming out Dec. 1 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

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