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All That cast rides the wave of Nickelodeon nostalgia

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Nickelodeon recently announced The Splat, a new primetime block dedicated to the classic programming that defined a generation. One of those marquee shows that 90s kids are still clamoring for is All That, the classic sketch comedy that was sort of a Saturday Night Live for the underage.

Members of the original cast of All That, which ended after an 11-year run in 2005, were well aware of who to thank for their series' enduring legacy when we spoke to them at New York Comic Con earlier today. "The fans are what made The Splat happen," Kel Mitchell said.

Both he and former castmate Josh Server acknowledged and expressed gratitude for the voices who still today beg for an All That reunion. But is one in the works? "People have been asking for it," Server replied, before adding, "Should we set up a Kickstarter?"

No Kickstarter campaign has been started yet, but the cast is working together in a different capacity: Mitchell and Server, as well as Danny Tamberelli, Lori-Beth Denberg and other old-school Nick personalities from All That and beyond, are contributing new promos and interstitials to air during the block. "They're also taking [our old promos] out of the vault," Server said, to create a fuller 90s experience.

All That has emerged as a major face of that experience and the 90s nostalgia movement, partially because it has never quite been recreated by the network or its competitors. Denberg chalked this up to kids' networks shifting away from ensemble-based comedy. "I think things [have] turned into a more star-driven, one person [focus] ... and less of an ensemble vibe, especially from kids' shows," she explained.

Tamberelli added that the sketch comedy as a genre has been downplayed in recent years across all demographics. "Nobody is going on the internet and is like, 'I wanna go watch a 3-minute sketch!'" he said. "I think there's not that many sketch shows in general. I wish there were more."

Could a revamped All That for its older but no less fervent fanbase solve that? There are no plans yet, although Tamberelli hinted that "that would be very interesting, though."

The Splat airs every night at 10 p.m. on TeenNick, with a rotating line-up that includes All That, as well as Mitchell's other hit Kenan and Kel and more.

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