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Carrie-Anne Moss joins Jessica Jones in gender-bent role

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Beloved genre actress Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix) is joining Netflix's Jessica Jones in a completely new role that may feel familiar to some. During a panel for the upcoming show at New York Comic Con on Saturday, Marvel's head of television, Jeph Loeb, announced that character Jeryn Hogarth would be undergoing a gender-bend. Moss, who joined the cast on stage, will be playing the new reincarnation, Jeri Hogarth.

In the original comics, Jeryn Hogarth was a brilliant lawyer and business executive who worked under Wendall Rand, otherwise known as the father of Iron Fist. Eventually, he wound up as the head of Heroes for Hire, an organization that provided legal help to a variety of superheroes across Marvel's database.

Although it's unclear exactly what Moss' role will be in the show, we can assume that she'll be working closely with the series' titular character as an attorney.

Jessica Jones will be available to stream on Nov. 20.

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