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Street Fighter creator teases Alex for upcoming game at New York Comic Con

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Street Fighter creator Yoshinori Ono made a surprise appearance at the series' New York Comic Con panel this afternoon, bringing along a hint about fan favorite Alex's involvement with the series' 2016 entry, Street Fighter 5.

After taking the stage, Ono teased that he wouldn't be announcing any new characters to the New York crowd. Instead, he discussed the possible expansion of a role for Alex.

While the classic fighter has not been officially announced as part of the new game's roster, that doesn't mean he's completely absent. Referencing the game's New York stage, which is playable for the first time at publisher Capcom's convention booth this weekend, he directed fans' attention to the background of the area. "I wondered if you guys noticed that Alex is standing in the background?" he asked, to the crowd's excited affirmation.

Right now, Alex is confirmed to appear in Street Fighter 5, albeit in a minor and non-interactive fashion. Ono acknowledged that this might not be enough for fans. "I will do what I can to [expand his appearance in the game]," he told the audience through a translator.

Street Fighter 5's most recently revealed new character is Laura, whose trailer premiered last week. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu master is the series' first to fight in that style, as well as combine grappling with projectiles.

Laura won't be part of the roster featured in the upcoming beta test, but other newcomer Rashid will make an appearance. Street Fighter 5 will be available in 2016, but its second beta test launches Oct. 22.

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