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Metal Gear Solid 5 looks kinda beautiful with glitchy, broken textures

Thanks to the above video captured from the PS4 version of MGS5 by YouTube user kingoddball KOB, we now have a chance to see it produce the exact opposite of that.

After getting an error about "server maintenance," the player in the video above gets dropped into a Metal Gear Online lobby set to offline mode where everything in the environment (except, strangely, some wooden, metal and stone objects) have been stripped of their textures. All the trees, dirt and fauna have been turned dark gray, patches of grass are swapped for nondescript rectangles, and the water droplets that swplash onscreen are now simple white squares. As the YouTuber points out, "the sun...was just a gray box (slowly) moving around!"

The result: a beautiful, surreal world that feels closer to The Unfinished Swan or the VR missions from Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance.

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