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Mulder and Scully are not together in the new X-Files

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Hearts may have been broken during Fox's New York Comic Con panel for The X-Files. Addressing important questions like what Mulder and Scully's official Facebook statuses were relationship-wise, creator and executive producer Chris Carter confirmed the two have had some "difficulties."

"This is where the sniper gets me," Carter joked after being asked by panel moderator Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley) where Mulder and Scully were at. "They're not living under the same roof and that was a conscious thing. We're blending in real time and Mulder and Scully have had their difficulties."

As Nanjiani explained, Mulder and Scully have not been "frozen in carbonate." The show will take place at the current moment in time and reference past events instead of picking up directly where the ninth season ended. Probably one of the most "shipped" couples in television history, Mulder and Scully's relationship has been a point of interest for fans of the series for years. Carter finally gave fans a little taste of what they wanted in the series finale, when Mulder and Scully were teased as living in the same house together. Their relationship was furthered explored in the series of movies that followed the show, which went off air in 2002.

At the panel — which included Carter, lead actor David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and Mitch Pileggi (Walter Skinner) — other pressing questions about the show's upcoming premiere were finally answered.

When asked about the timing of the show coming back, Carter confirmed it was all because of Duchovny that the project even got off the ground.

"I got a call from 20th Century Fox and they said David was interested in doing the show," he said, "so I said, 'If David's interested, I am too.'"

Carter added that with all of the paranoia surrounding the NSA leaks and Edward Snowden news, it was the perfect time to bring the show back.

"It was one of the reasons I was excited to do it and it gave us a lot of stuff to write about."

It won't be all stand-alone episodes loosely based on the government spying story arc, however, as Carter plans to start off the mini-series with a mythology-based episode.

"The second part of this episode [referencing the premiere that played at the panel before the Q&A session] will bookmark it with mythology. [Episodes] One and six are mythology."

The new X-Files series will premiere Jan. 25, 2016 on Fox at 8 p.m. EST.

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