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This is the story behind World of Warcraft's new class, the demon hunter

Blizzard announced the sixth World of Warcraft expansion, titled Legionearlier this year. One of the most exciting parts of the announcement was a new hero class, the demon hunter, which appears to be based off of long-time Warcraft bad guy Illidan Stormrage.

But what are demon hunters exactly? How did they come to exist in World of Warcraft? And how did they do so without being corrupted by Illidan?

Some of that story is likely to remain a mystery until Legion is released, but YouTube creator Nobbel87 has created a lengthy video exploring the answers we have so far. In the video above, Nobbel87 digs through the old Warcraft games, previous World of Warcraft expansions and even books and role-playing companion guides to provide all the information that exists at the moment.

Most interestingly, Nobbel87 posits the theory that Illidan may not actually be a bad guy. Watch the video in full for yourself to hear more.

You can see what Blizzard has revealed about demon hunters in Legion so far in the video below.

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