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Deadpool joins Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Avengers #0

After years of running around with Spider-Man, Wade Wilson's Deadpool has finally joined The Avengers. In one of short stories found in the recently released book, Avengers #0, Deadpool can be seen returning from a mission he was ordered to complete by none other than Captain America, Steve Rogers.

Upon return, Deadpool is handed his very own "Avengers Priority Identification Card" by Rogers, confirming his new role with Marvel's biggest superhero collaboration.

During San Diego Comic-Con this year, writer Gerry Duggan told Marvel's official website that being able to write Deadpool's upcoming arc in the new Uncanny Avengers books was a dream come true.

"Getting the chance to co-write Deadpool felt like a ginormous personal achievement," he said.

The recently launched Avengers #0 serves as a launchpad for the New Avengers and The Ultimates. The book is available to purchase now.

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