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Mega Yarn Yoshi is only at Toys R Us (updated)

Toys R Us has become the place to go for amiibo collectors. The major toy retailer tweeted a confirmation and hint of more exclusive Nintendo figures to come starting in November.

A 3-pack containing the Mii Fighters amiibo will be available Nov.1, according to the tweet. Nintendo previously set the date and price for this set at $34.99.

The Mii Fighters will only be offered in-store, so those uninterested in the amiibo would be advised to avoid the retailer that day, lest they get caught up in the mayhem.

Included in the announcement image and tweet alongside the 3 Mii Fighters are silhouettes of two familiar-looking characters. To the immediate right is an amiibo that looks curiously similar to the Villager character. Next to that one? The adorable, gigantic Mega Yarn Yoshi.

Nintendo announced the larger version of the equally cute, normal-sized Yarn Yoshi amiibo in August. While the smaller Yoshi will launch alongside Yoshi's Woolly World on Oct. 16, the company stated that fans would have to wait until Nov. 15 for the $39.99 big toy.

Toys R Us promises that a confirmation will be "coming soon." Most recently, it was the exclusive storefront for the Bowser Jr. amiibo.

Update: Toys R Us has confirmed via Twitter that Mega Yarn Yoshi will be available exclusively in its stores in limited amounts.

You can check out some gameplay footage from Yoshi's Woolly World, and another look at the amiibo, below.