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Original Deus Ex gets a facelift with free mod

Deus Ex might be celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, but Square Enix thinks it's time for a "Revision." That's the name of a new mod released by the publisher today as a free download on Steam.

"Revision" revamps the environments and soundtracks of the classic PC game. The mod was developed by Caustic Creative, which refers to it as an "augmentation" in its launch trailer, above.

Also mentioned in the trailer is the presence of increased "world-building detail" in the mod, meant to suggest the studio's focus on providing a revised aesthetic direction over a graphical overhaul for the game.

The mod is available now, and the Game of the Year edition of the title is currently featured as part of Steam's Stealth Sale, which runs from now until Oct. 16. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is also offered at a discount.

Next up for the Deus Ex series is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Publisher Square Enix recently announced plans to remove its Kickstarter-esque pre-order unlock system in favor of a more traditional method. That game will launch Feb. 23 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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