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Supergirl romance squashed by 'bro code' with Superman

All superhero stories have great romantic arcs, from Clark Kent and Lois Lane in Superman to Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man. Or Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Or even Peter Parker and the various one off romances he's had. But in CBS' upcoming Supergirl, one of the hinted relationships may not actually happen.

In an interview with Screen Rant, actor Mehcad Brooks admitted that while there are obvious sparks between his character —boy wonder Jimmy Olsen— and Supergirl Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) on the show, he can't pursue a relationship out of respect to her cousin, Superman.

"There's kind of a bro code with Superman," Brooks said. "If Superman asked you to go check in on his cousin, you can't just go hitting on Superman's cousin, because you start getting hit on by Superman — and that's not a good thing. He will heat vision you and freeze breath you to death."

Brooks added that his character's role was to support Danvers as she becomes Supergirl, and focus on being the person she can turn to when it all hits the fan.

Still, Brooks did reaffirm that the attraction is very apparent between the characters on the show, leaving the option for a potential romance between the two to develop.

Supergirl premieres on Oct. 26 at 8:30 p.m. ET. Watch a trailer for the show below: