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Bungie responds to Destiny microtransaction concerns

Destiny introduced an in-game currency yesterday to support the introduction of microtransactions. Bungie's Luke Smith said today on Twitter that these won't include the consumables that increase the loot drops players get for beating enemies in the King's Fall Raid.

This comes in reaction to a thread on the developer's forums in which users, by data-mining yesterday's 2.0.1 patch, seemed to have found a list of consumable goods that the microtransaction vendor Tess Everis will later sell. The list appeared to include paid consumables that would increase weapon drop rates in the King's Fall raid.

Smith acknowledged in a follow-up tweet that high-level rewards can be tough to come by.

Silver will cost you between $4.99 and $19.99, depending on the quantity you buy. The first, and as of now only, items you can purchase using the currency are emotes. These are optional and cosmetic additions to your character that cost either 200 ($1.99) or 500 Silver ($4.99).

To encourage players to test out these emotes for themselves, Bungie has gifted everyone 400 Silver, equivalent to two "rare"-level emotes, or 80 percent of the most desirable one, Enthusiastic Dance (better known as "The Carlton").

Take a look at the 18 emotes available now below.

Emotes made their first appearance in the Collector's Edition of The Taken King. Those previously exclusive items can be purchased separately along with other content available in that version, for $19.99.

Check out our review for more on The Taken King, Destiny's latest expansion.

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