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Star Wars Battlefront developer acknowledges beta balancing issue

If you were playing the just-finished Star Wars Battlefront beta as a member of the Rebel Alliance, you might have found yourself have a hard time during the Walker Assault mode. This is because of a problem with balancing in the upcoming game, according to developer DICE.

A community manager for the game confirmed the issue on Twitter after players reached out expressing their difficulties playing.

A designer for the multiplayer side of Battlefront also shared that the development team was aware of the bias against Rebel players, and planned to make changes.

The highly anticipated Star Wars game will launch Nov. 17 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. The beta was extended until yesterday, Oct. 13, and over 9 million gamers took part, making it publisher EA's most popular beta ever.

DICE announced on Monday that Battlefront will feature a $50 season pass following launch, as well as the inclusion of three additional modes.

Check out our gameplay footage below. Afterward, you can read several members of Polygon's impressions of the game.

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