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The new Star Wars universe's story team is majority women

President of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy recently spoke to Forbes magazine about her decades of experience as a woman in the entertainment industry, and the role of women in the new Star Wars universe.

In a studio system that has a dismal record when it comes to hiring women for behind the camera jobs at nearly every level, Kennedy reveals the unusual news that half of Lucasfilm's executive team and 75 percent of the story team crafting the new Star Wars universe are women. That's a state that, she says, is happily supported by Disney, who acquired the company in 2012.

Disney is also happy with the idea of female protagonists for the Star Wars movies, such as the lead of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, played by Felicity Jones. Jones' as-yet unnamed role will be the first female character to feature as the central protagonist of Star Wars film. Kennedy also has her eye on another first for the franchise.

"We're going to hire a woman who's going to direct a Star Wars movie, I have no doubt," Kennedy told Forbes. What's most important to her is that whoever that director is, the studio makes sure that they're "set up for success."

After all, that unnamed spinoff film does need a new director.

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