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Here's how Destiny's new 'Twist Fate' option works

With the recent release of Destiny's 2.0.1 update, Bungie introduced a new option on exotic armor pieces called "Twist Fate." If you ever used the Gunsmith or Iron Banner weapon reforging in Year One, this option will be familiar. Using a new material called Glass Needles in addition to a small amount of glimmer and armor materials, players will be able to re-roll the stats and upgrades that are available on their exotic armor pieces. Watch the video above for a look at exactly how the process works.

Glass Needles will come from Xur, Destiny's exotic gear merchant who arrives in the Tower each weekend. A stack of three Glass Needles will cost three Strange Coins, three Motes of Light, and one exotic shard.

Watch the video below for more tips on what's worth buying from Xur this week. Check out Polygon every week for updates on what Xur is selling

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