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Back to the Future's Doc and Marty disappointed with 2015 in new animated video

"What a dark geo-political time this is."

In 1989, Doc Brown and Marty McFly kicked the DeLorean into overdrive and travelled 26 years into the future.

For the two main characters in Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future Part 2, 2015 was an era full of possibilities, including legitimate hoverboards, self-lacing shoes, dog-walking drones and of course, Pepsi Perfect.

Unfortunately, most of what Zemeckis predicted would be invented by 2015 hasn't come true, and no one's more disappointed by the news than the film's stars.

In a new animated video that resembles Cartoon Network's beloved show Rick & Morty, produced by the team at College Humor, Marty reacts to the lack of progress being made in a variety of areas, including the political arena, and the trends of the modern era he simply can't wrap his head around, like Crocs and Vine stars.

The video comes on the eve of Back to the Future day, Oct. 21, 2015. To celebrate, theaters are hosting both single screenings of the trilogy's second installment and marathons of the entire series. Corporations like Pepsi have also boarded the hype train, releasing special edition Pepsi Perfect bottles for the occasion.

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