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Destiny players knock it out of the park with new baseball emotes

Destiny developer Bungie added 18 emotes to the game this week, and two of them stand out as a perfect pair: Swing and Safe. The two baseball emotes are the only themed ones in the entire group, which would make this the second set of sports-themed items in Destiny, following all the Taken King weapons and armor in Seahawks colors (after all, Bungie is located in a suburb of Seattle).

There's no word on whether baseball, or even sports at all, is still a thing in the far-flung future of Destiny. So the Swing and Safe emotes may just be the last surviving remnants of what was once the national pastime. Either way, Destiny players have already found some great uses for both Swing and Safe.

To wit: One group of Guardians set up shop in the Tower for an at-bat with a runner on third base. Check out the video above from Aden Firestorm to see the base hit that brings the guy around with a slide into home plate, and the accompanying "safe" call — it's even indicated in the in-game messages in the bottom left corner of the screen!

Then there's Seth Melrose, who sends Oryx hurtling into the black vacuum of space with a swing of his bat. You might call this home run a moonshot:

Swing and Safe are both rare (blue) emotes, so each one costs 200 Silver at the Eververse Trading Company in the Tower. Head here for more on Destiny's 2.0.1 update.

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