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The Simpsons introduces entirely new Halloween of Horrors special

Like death and taxes, The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Halloween special has been an annual even cartoon fans can count on. This year, however, the team behind the show have decided to not only air the standalone special, but also introduce fans to Halloween of Horror.

According to HitFix, the episode will focus on one primary storyline — that without going into too much detail, centers on Homer and Lisa's relationship — as opposed to being broken down into three smaller mini episodes that Treehouse of Horror usually uses to pay homage to classic horror films and stories.

And while the episode will reportedly incorporate elements of those infamous homages in the new episode (Rocky Horror Picture Show fans are in for a treat), it will have a completely different feel.

HitFix reports the episode will still include meta references to the upcoming Treehouse of Horror episode airing next week, but adds this new Halloween special, "feels creepier than a typical Treehouse of Horror story because it's 'real.'"

As the site's writer Alan Sepinwall points out, it's interesting that this is the first time The Simpsons are trying a traditional full-length Halloween episode after airing multiple Thanksgiving and Christmas specials over the past couple of decades.

Fans interested in seeing the new episode and judging for themselves if it works for the series or not, can catch it this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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