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Press Start: Destiny's nonexistent gun, Star Citizen's promises and WWE's weird feud

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Nintendo said it wouldn't talk about its next console until 2016, but the Wall Street Journal didn't get that memo, leading off an eclectic week in video gaming news.

With developer kits going out for the so-called NX, leaks describe a unit that merges mobile and console experiences, and one that could possibly be released next year. All of that was overshadowed by an incremental update to Destiny that introduced some new dances for Guardians to do — but not a mythological weapon that the super-obsessed have hunted with no luck.

Star Citizen after offering a look at its all-star cast at Citizen Con, revealed new plans for the game's first-person and social modules — but no launch date, naturally. And Call of Duty's studio apologized for impersonating a news agency reporting on unrest in Singapore to promote the game. "It was absolutely not done for any kind of attention in any way," they said, which, of course, is baloney on its face. Why else would they have done it?

Welcome back to Press Start, your recap of the week in news, views, videos, and original reporting to get you ready for the seven days to come.

Last Week in Five Stories

  1. Destiny's obsessed players spent three weeks looking for a gun that didn't exist (yet)

    Last week, players found a gun in Destiny called the Sleeper Simulant. The Simulant is a heavy fusion rifle, a weapon archetype that has never appeared in the game before. It shoots a laser beam that bounces off of walls and deals damage to any enemies it strikes. This was a very big deal.

  2. Star Citizen dev announces 400 quadrillion cubic kilometer expansion, no release date

    After very publicly missing the release date for Star Marine, the first-person shooter module for Star Citizen, creator Chris Roberts took the stage at Citizen Con to detail the upcoming release of its massively multiplayer persistent world module. That update will include the promised features from the Star Marine module. Roberts still gave no release date.

  3. I don't care if Star Wars Battlefront is good

    There is an entire quagmire one can sink into separating the idea of entertainment that's "good" and that which is "enjoyable," and I'm going to avoid touching that one with a ten-foot pole while at the same time stating flatly that I don't give a monkey's butt if Star Wars Battlefront is "good." What I've played already is so enjoyable, and set in a world I love so much, that I'm nearly defenseless against what it's already doing well.

  4. The definitive ranking of Destiny's new emotes

    Destiny is a game about meticulously outfitting yourself with better and better gear, all with the hopes of getting the slightest leg up against the Darkness. Every part of your ensemble, from your bone-laden knee-high boots to your dashing cape, needs to be intricately engineered to support your build. You have to leap enthusiastically at every single opportunity you have to be a stronger, better Destiny player, or else you're yesterday’s news, Destiny grandpa.

  5. WWE 2K16 trailer uses journo's likeness, and he's not happy about it

    What was otherwise a run-of-the-mill trailer showing off WWE 2K16's character creation toolkit dissolved into a mini media-scandal this afternoon when one of the wrestlers it featured resembled the alter-ego of a well known games writer.

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