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Saturday Night Live report card: Tracy Morgan joined by friends in emotional episode

It was an emotional night full of surprise guest appearances as former Saturday Night Live cast member Tracy Morgan returned to host.

Morgan, who suffered a traumatic brain injury and was left in a coma for eight days last year after a devastating car accident, flew through the various sketches the writers wrote out specifically for him.

Whether it was as an abandoning father facing his ex-wife and children head-on in one of the better Family Feud skits the show's had in quite some time, or returning to old, fan favorite characters like Astronaut Jones and Brian Fellow, Morgan nailed every bit.

And while it was obvious that something was indeed off about the comedian, that didn't stop him from acting out incredibly physical roles or appearing in as many sketches as he could.

Surrounded by a circle of some of of his closest friends and on-screen cast mates — Jack McBrayer, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock, as well as Larry David — Morgan made sure last night's episode of SNL was not only one of the season's best, but also one of the best episodes the show's had in the past few years.

Here is the official report card for last night's Saturday Night Live.

Best sketch: Family Feud

Although it didn't feature any of Morgan's returning characters, having him face off against an angry Leslie Jones and their three kids was tear-inducing from beginning to end. The role was perfectly written for Jones, who's been allowed to yell about relationships and exaggerate her angry side quite a bit more this season.

She and Morgan played off each other beautifully, never trying to outshine the other, with Keenan Thompson (reprising his role as host Steve Harvey) facilitating both personalities perfectly.

Most improved: Cold open

The cold open has always been one of the trickiest bits for the writers of Saturday Night Live to nail. This week's open, which focused on CNN's democratic debate from earlier last week, was spot on in its satirical take on the two front running candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The latter, played by surprise guest Larry David, was scarily frighteningly accurate with his portrayal of Sanders — a role the internet has been demanding for quite some time through a variety of memes. Having Kate McKinnon as Clinton beside him also worked for the sketch. As a veteran performer on the show, she knew when to play off David's specific brand of comedy and when to take center stage.

Most ambitious: Brian Fellow's Safari

This week's episode was an almost unprecedented seven minutes late to start. While rumors ran rampant online as to what the reason was, one can only imagine it had to do with the live camel the show used in its Brian Fellow's Safari sketch.

Fellow, a talk show host focused on animals (and who knows absolutely nothing about animals), is one of Morgan's most memorable characters, and while it got unhinged toward the end thanks to a camel who just did not understand how cues work, Morgan, Pete Davidson, and Aidy Bryant all did a pretty great job of keeping the sketch on track. It was great to see Morgan slip so easily back into the role, giving longtime SNL diehards a bit of a treat rather quickly into the 90-minute program.

Weirdest sketch: Good Morning Song

Whether a sketch fails or succeeds on air, credit has to be given to the writers for coming up with unique material week after week. Thus was the case with Good Morning Song, a sketch revolving around an antique community, singing about their day as they skip through the town square.

While the idea was interesting, the actual execution was problematic and was one of the least funny sketches the show had to offer last night.

Most emotional: 30 Rock reunion

Maybe it was just a little dusty over here, but watching Tracy Morgan join his former 30 Rock cast mates on stage, reprising his role as Tracy Jordan, and getting warm hugs and tearful smiles from everyone was the most heartwarming scene of the night.

Throughout his entire recovery, Morgan has spoken openly about how much his former colleagues and good friends mean to him, and it was apparent through their boundless support they showed for him on the show last night. Not to mention, there's been a little hole left in all of our hearts since 30 Rock went off air. It was nice to see the entire main crew reunited once more last night.

Morgan's episode will no doubt be the talk of the show for the rest of the season and will be an incredibly difficult performance to top.

Next week the show will air its first re-run (the Miley Cyrus-hosted premiere from three weeks ago). Donald Trump and Sia are set to host and perform on Nov. 7.

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