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Watch new Star Wars footage, get hyped for rumored new trailer

It's all happening!

The rumor, based on "sources" and "reports," is that the latest, and final, trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be hitting tomorrow, with tickets sales following soon after. It's also possible we'll get a look at the film's final poster in the coming hours.

That rumor seems to be firming up, based on this tweet from The Force Awakens star John Boyega:

As well as this Instagram post with new footage, which may or may not have come from the trailer, with the caption "Get ready":

Get ready.

A video posted by @john_boyega on

The Star Wars team has shown us new footage via Instagram in the past, remember.

There has been an awakening... #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

A video posted by Star Wars (@starwars) on

We're going to be keeping our eyes out for the trailer, so expect a full report when the news hits. May the Force be with you.