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The Force Awakens poster gets reimagined with Jar Jar Binks, Batman and John Cena

As people anxiously waited for the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster to be unveiled Sunday, some internet dwellers saw the perfect opportunity to meme-ify it as quickly as possible.

From bringing back Jar Jar Binks to the universe to letting Warner Bros.' get in on the action, here are some of the best "improved posters" that the internet came up with.

Star Wars - Jar Jar

The above poster, courtesy of Heroic Hollywood, reimagines the Star Wars poster with the upcoming cast of Warner Bros.' biggest superhero movie yet, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Notice that Ben Affleck's Batman still looks incredibly sad, even in the new universe.

Star Wars - John Cena

Perhaps the most terrifying thing to happen to the Star Wars universe is the inclusion of John Cena in this poster. Contrary to his own popular saying, you can most certainly see him here. Again and again and again.


It just wouldn't be a successful meme if Seinfeld 2000 didn't get its hands in on the action. This poster sporting all the main players — and a few fan favorites — is incredibly enticing.

Star Wars - Poster

Designed by Olly Gibbs, the Jar Jar poster is probably the one you've seen the most circulating the forums online. Although the idea of seeing an entire Star Wars movie full of nothing but Jar Jar Binks appearances may be horrifying, watching him die repeatedly might be worth the emotional pain.

Stars Wars: Battlefront multiplayer

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