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GTA 5 heads Back to the Future with fan tribute

Just in time for Back to the Future Day, the 1985 classic meets Grand Theft Auto 5 in the short and sweet video above.

Presented by GTA Series Videos and created with the game's Rockstar Editor, Marty McFly, Doc Brown and Einstein look just a little bit different in this recreation of one of Back to the Future's most iconic scenes. Using audio from the actual movie, a meathead version of Marty watches as a younger Doc — with some serious five o'clock shadow — puts the DeLorean to the time travel test.

Back to the Future Day is Oct. 21, 2015, in honor of the date in the film's sequel on which the crew finally heads to the future. Other games are planning to celebrate this historic occasion, as well: The developer of Rocket League recently announced that it would introduce a DeLorean as downloadable content. That will go on sale, appropriately, this Wednesday.

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