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Movie theater sites are crashing under Force Awakens pre-order traffic

Although not unexpected, it's official: Pre-order tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens are crashing movie theater chain sites. People in the U.K. clambering to purchase tickets have already taken down Odeon and Picturehouse Cinema websites, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Because of the crash, Odeon couldn't give out numbers on exactly how many tickets were sold, but another theater company -Vue- reported 10,000 tickets sold in just 90 minutes.

A spokesperson told the trade publication that it was one of "the biggest first [hours] of advance ticket sales seen so far this year," and that it would normally take weeks for ticket sales to reach today's record breaking numbers.

Whether or not this foreshadows what American and Canadian ticket buyers will have to face later tonight is unclear.

Polygon has reached out to both AMC and Cineplex for comment on whether or not they’ve planned ahead to accommodate a large amount of traffic.

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