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Star Wars parody poster designer absolutely loves Jar Jar Binks

Movie poster designer extraordinaire Olly Gibbs was in the middle of making lasagna when the official poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was revealed to the world on Twitter.

From the time he saw it to the time he finished his own parody mockup, he had not only finished making his dinner, but he also unknowingly created the next viral Star Wars sensation.

When asked by Polygon why he decided to go with an all-Jar Jar Binks reimagining of the poster, Gibbs confided that he had a little bit of love in his heart for one of the franchise's most controversial characters.

Star Wars - Poster

"I find your lack of faith in the Binks disturbing," he said via email when prodded on the decision. "My first Star Wars film I ever saw in cinemas was Episode I so I've got a little soft spot for the little guy."

Gibbs, who's designed posters for a variety of artists and whose work is consistently used in Empire Magazine, has a history of creating parody posters for a variety of films and television shows, but said he never expected the Jar Jar Binks one to take off as fast and as well as it did.

"They tend to just begin as silly ideas that I can't resist creating," Gibbs said. "It was a nice surprise to see so many other people appreciate who appreciate Binks, he deserves a bit of love."

The poster has gone on to influence other designers and jokesters online, too, with parody posters featuring the cast of Seinfeld or WWE's John Cena gaining traction, too.


Despite his light-hearted comedic take on the poster, Gibbs said the official poster was absolutely "brilliant" but wished the studio went with original Star Wars poster designer, Drew Struzan (instead of Bryan Morton). Still, he said the poster "captures the colorful and lush world" of George Lucas' universe perfectly, adding that it makes it look like the new film, directed by J.J. Abrams, will be fun.

While Gibbs admits Jar Jar projects are a bit of a passion, he's currently working on other Star Wars related illustrations that will be coming to fruition soon enough. He just finished a series of illustrations based on the characters in the upcoming film, but has more projects on the go.

"I'm currently making a Star Wars vehicle illustration series," Gibbs said.

Despite both new series, however, Gibbs said he isn't done with the floppy eared, high-pitched Binks just yet.

"I'm readily available for when the imminent Jar Jar Binks Origins film is announced," he confirmed. "Or if I have time making another lasagna."

The Force Awakens is scheduled to be released on Dec. 18. The final theatrical trailer for the film will be released tonight during Monday Night Football's half time show. Fans who want to pre-order their tickets to midnight screenings or marathons will also be able to do so later tonight.

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