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AMC Theaters, Fandango crash during pre-orders for Star Wars: Force Awakens tickets

Echoing earlier problems in the U.K., certain theater chain websites in the U.S. have become victim to the massive group of fans trying to buy Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets. People took to Twitter Monday night to express their grief with not being able to pre-order tickets to any of the film's first viewings because of websites crashing as soon as they opened them.

Fandango, Alamo Drafthouse, and AMC Theaters were all suffering site loading issues at the time of this posting. Polygon reached out to AMC multiple times earlier in the day, but the company was not available for comment.

Tonight was the first night the tickets were made available to the public after it was rumored earlier last week and then confirmed by Disney on Sunday night. The final theatrical trailer for the film will also be released later tonight.

The Force Awakens will open in theaters across the country on Dec. 18.