Polygon Wireframe episode 1: Peter McConnell, Grim Fandango and the making of a composer

If you've been playing video games, then you know Peter McConnell — even if you don't know that you know him.

He's a composer who's been writing video game scores for decades. And not long ago, he traveled back in time.

In the first episode of Polygon Wireframe, a series designed to be heard, we explore McConnell's past, present and future. And, yes, his time travel.

Welcome to Polygon Wireframe, an in-depth series of conversations with the creative people who make the things we love.

You can use the links above to subscribe to Wireframe though iTunes, use the RSS feed to subscribe in your podcast player of choice or download the show as an MP3. Below, you'll also find some of McConnell's Grim Fandango work from his SoundCloud page.

Main Orchestral Theme from Grim Fandango

Casino Calavera

Swanky Max