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Former Criterion Games devs hint at successor to Burnout

Burnout might be coming back in everything but name, the studio started by the founders of its former developer teased on Twitter.

Three Fields Entertainment, which was formed by Criterion Games' Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, tweeted two game announcements simultaneously yesterday.

For Burnout fans, the driving game is most interesting. The studio followed up the tweet with more hints as to the nature of the otherwise mysterious title.

The hashtag references the original title for the first Burnout game, "Shiny Red Car," inspiring a flurry of fan excitement about a new game harkening back to the series' roots.

A successor to which particular title is the question, with Three Fields referencing the second through fourth entries as possible influences.

Following the announcements, the studio has since retweeted a plethora of positive fan response, from general excitement about the Burnout-inspired game to suggestions of which of the former series' titles the new game should take after.

The fifth and last mainline entry in the franchise was Burnout Paradise. Criterion Games is owned by Electronic Arts, which retains the Burnout intellectual property and announced plans to bring that game to the Xbox One via the new backward compatibility feature launching this November.

In early 2014, Ward and Sperry left Criterion. Their departure followed several others from the studio after the Need for Speed franchise, which Criterion had also been in charge of, was handed off to Ghost Games instead.

Check out our StoryStream to learn more about the original Burnout developer's rise and fall.

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