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Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer: Five best moments in gifs

On Monday, Disney aired the final theatrical trailer for its upcoming Star Wars film, The Force Awakens.

While the trailer definitely provided some more insight into what the heroes of sci-fi's most epic universe will have to face in the seventh installment, it also had some pretty great standalone visual moments.

Collected below are five of the best scenes from the trailer, in gif form for your viewing and saving pleasure.

Star Wars gif - It's true

"It's true, all of it."

In this scene, Rey (Daisy Ridley) is asking Han Solo (Harrison Ford) about all of the stories they've heard regarding his adventures with fellow space renegdes Luke and Leia Skywalker (Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher). With a stoic look on his face, Han simply stares at her and confirms it's all true.

Star Wars gif - Kylo Ren

"I will finish what you started"

We all knew Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) was the big baddie in The Force Awakens, but now it looks like he's going to be carrying out Darth Vader's last dying command. It's the first time we've heard Driver's voice since his character was announced, and it certainly had the creepy raspiness fans of Vader will probably take a liking to.

a looping clip from Star Wars: The Force Awakens of Rey pausing her work cleaning junk to look up Image: Lucasfilm/Disney


Ridley's Rey is the new super heroine for the franchise, and this shot of her just captures everything we're excited about. This could be one of the best new characters Star Wars has had in years, and this clip gives us another reason to be hopeful about her role in the film.

Star Wars gir - Sad Leia

Sad Leia

Who knows what Leia's sad about in this clip, but it could be a barrage of things. The fact that war might finally be upon them again. The idea that Han Solo is about to venture off with a group of young rebels hellbent on taking down the evil forces threatening to wreak havoc upon their universe. Or maybe it has something to do with her twin brother Luke, who was strangely absent for the majority of the trailer. Whatever the reason, this is just heartbreaking.

Star Wars Gif - Finn

Kylo Ren vs Finn

This is a scene we've seen a few times over the course of the past few teaser trailers, but this time around, we're getting our first look at Finn (John Boyega) wielding the lightsaber. Maybe even wielding Luke's lightsaber. This will most likely be one of the biggest fight scenes in the movie (since Disney is hyping it up every chance they get) and may even be the showdown to beat in future installments.

Tickets for The Force Awakens went on sale early Monday night, but theaters were reporting site crashes due to the overload of fans trying to purchase opening night seats. More will reportedly become available as the release date inches closer.

The movie opens in theaters on Dec. 18.