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Sega trademarks possible new Valkyria Chronicles title (update)

Sega has filed a trademark for a game whose title will perk up the ears of Valkyria Chronicles fans. Japanese blog Esuteru reports that Valkyria of the Blue Revolution has been issued a trademark by the Japanese Patent Office.

No further details beyond the name and that it's attached to a video game are included with the filing. The naming convention is similar to that of the tactical role-playing game's Japanese title, Valkyria of the Battlefield.

Sega released the first game in the Valkyria Chronicles series for the PlayStation 3 in 2008. A port to the Windows PC arrived just last year.

Its first sequel, Valkyria Chronicles 2, launched on the PlayStation Portable and was localized for an American release in 2010.

The same does not hold true for the next game in the series, Valkyria Chronicles 3. The 2011 PSP title is Valkyria Chronicles' most recent installment and has not seen release outside of Japan, although fans successfully translated the game into English. That translation has been made available as a downloadable patch.

Update: According to Gematsu, Sega has filed a trademark for what appears to be the game's official English title: Valkyria: Azure Revolution. No further details were included with the filing.