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Yahoo lost $42 million on Community, two other original series


Despite the show's critical acclaim and passionate fandom, Yahoo still couldn't make a profit off of Community.

During an earnings meeting, CFO Ken Goldman revealed that the company lost $42 million during its time producing the former NBC show, as well as two other original series, Sin City Saints and Other Spaceaccording to Variety.

Goldman alluded to the fact that they knew they weren't going to make any profit off of the series in the long run pretty early, and despite the overall financial failures of the show, Yahoo wasn't swearing off producing more original content in the future.

"We're not saying we aren't going to do this at all," he said. "But what we are saying, in these three cases at least, it didn't work the way we had hoped it would work, and we've decided to move on."

The fate of Community, which just wrapped its sixth season with the streaming service, has been the subject of discussion practically since it aired. The show boasted incredibly low ratings, and was nearly cancelled every year it was on NBC before executives finally decided to axe it from their programming schedule after season five.

Before that, however, show creator Dan Harmon was fired after season three following an intense, public argument with one of the series' stars, Chevy Chase. Harmon reportedly told the network that they could either fire him or fire Chase, leading to his immediate dismissal. Despite the firing, however, the fourth season of the show aired to scorchingly negative reviews that prompted the network to eventually get rid of Chase and bring Harmon back.

Against all odds, Community finally came to completion this past season — which is exactly what Harmon always wanted, as fans of the show will know from the constant "six seasons and a movie" chants. There are currently no plans for a feature film.

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