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We got a world-renowned jazz musician to play Guitar Hero Live

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The reemergence of the music gaming genre with titles like Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live has reminded us at Polygon of how many varied roles this medium we call "video game" can take in the broader cultural landscape.

We endeavored to more fully explore the dynamic way music and games overlap by inviting world-class jazz musician Chester "Checkmate" Clemens to try his hand at Guitar Hero Live.

If Clemens' name is familiar to you, you likely heard his virtuoso guitar work on Reedy Jackson's Six-String Shakedown or perhaps his 1965 Grammy-award winning solo album, This Is Me, Today.

We believe his thought-provoking insights on Guitar Hero Live and rhythm gaming in general speak for themselves. Prepare to be edified.

Additional music: "Splinks" by Jaap Blonk & Splinks

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