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Bruce Willis 'very happy' with Die Hard 6 prequel plans

There's still no script or screenwriter, but Bruce Willis could not be more excited with the idea that Die Hard 6 will be a prequel.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, Willis — who starred as main character John McClane in the previous five installments — said the entire idea was "very cool."

"It's a really cool idea, because it's an origin story. It's gonna happen at the beginning of this," Willis said, alluding to the events of the first movie.

Being an origin story, a new actor will have to be brought on to play the younger McClane. When asked how he felt about a fresh actor portraying the role he made famous, Willis quipped that they, "better have a hard head."

The prequel will examine just what happened to make McClane the iconic, off-the-cuff special agent fans know him to be. Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard) is rumored to be in talks to helm the new installment.

There is currently no word on when production is expected to start on the film.