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Here's what you need to know about getting your old songs into Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 players have been wondering about the process of getting songs from previous Rock Band games into the latest one, and developer Harmonix provided the first real details on the export process in a blog post today.

A handy table explains which of the older games can be exported into Rock Band 4. Only the disc-based versions of the following Track Packs can be exported into Rock Band 4: AC/DC Live, Classic Rock, Country 2, Metal and Volume 2.

Harmonix hasn't offered specifics on when Rock Band 4 players will be able to import previous discs, except for Rock Band 3, which the studio is planning to enable in a previously announced content update scheduled for Dec. 8. Once available, the Rock Band 3 export will cost $14.99. You'll need to have purchased and played a new copy of Rock Band 3 in order to be able to export its songs; Harmonix will automatically be verifying ownership electronically.

If you don't already own Rock Band 3 and you want to export it into Rock Band 4, you've only got a few days to buy it. According to the post, Harmonix will remove the game from online retailers like the Xbox Live Marketplace on Oct. 30, and any stock that stores currently have will not be replenished.

Rock Band 3 is required to get songs from legacy Rock Band titles into Rock Band 4. These include the first three Rock Band games, the soundtracks of which will be supported but can only be accessed digitally. The post explains that songs must first be exported into Rock Band 3 before they can be transferred over into Rock Band 4, at which point they will be available to re-download for free. This only applies to export keys that have not yet expired.

Songs from Rock Band 3 will be upgraded to feature the new Freestyle Guitar Solos and Freestyle Vocals that debuted in Rock Band 4.

Rock Band Network songs are not yet included in the family of tracks that will work with Rock Band 4. Harmonix made no promises that this content will be made accessible, but said that it will focus on figuring out the challenges involved with bringing over those songs after ensuring that the legacy titles are supported.

Rock Band 4 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out our review of the series' first installment in five years.

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