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Watch Sideshow Bob finally kill Bart Simpson

After tattooing "Die Bart Die" on his chest in 1993, Sideshow Bob has finally killed his number one nemesis.

The ongoing feud between the former Krusty the Clown sidekick and Bart Simpson has been written to death on the cartoon series, but this upcoming Halloween, Bob will finally kill the oldest Simpson child again and again and again in the newest Treehouse of Horror special.

Al Jean, executive producer of the series, told Entertainment Weekly that the entire mini-episode deals with how Bob reacts to finally exacting his revenge on Bart after decades of chasing him.

"You never saw the Road Runner lose," Jean said. "This time you do."

Of course, with this being a Treehouse of Horror special, even if Bart were to actually be "killed" it wouldn't affect the show in the long run. Whether or not Bart remains dead and the scene below isn't just a dream or fantasy sequence playing through Bob's sociopathic mind has yet to be seen.

Treehouse of Horror, the annual Simpsons Halloween special, airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.Watch Bart die repeatedly in this clip from the upcoming episode below:

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