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Volume gets expanded, heads to PlayStation VR (update)

VR-themed indie stealth puzzler getting VR support

Volume, the stealth-based isometric puzzle game for PlayStation 4, will launch a new virtual reality mode alongside the PlayStation VR platform next year.

This comes from designer Mike Bithell, who discussed the upcoming VR revamp on the PlayStation blog. Not only will the entirety of the existing game be configured for the virtual reality system, but a new expansion will accompany it. Volume: Coda is a free addition to the current game, offering a new chapter filled with new characters.

Volume: Coda will make its debut on PlayStation VR when it arrives sometime in the first half of 2016. 30 new levels will be included in the campaign.

We reached out to Bithell about whether virtual reality support would be exclusive to the PlayStation VR system, or if it would also be made available for the Windows PC version of the game.

The currently available PS4 and PC versions of Volume also received an update today: The Checkpoints Update adds new modes, as well as customizable leaderboards.

Bithell's post also briefly mentions the previously announced PlayStation Vita version of the game. Mentioning the "roadblocks" the team has hit along the way, he promises that the cross-buy handheld port will be available soon.

Check out our review of Volume, which we played and enjoyed quite a bit after its August release.

Update: "We're launching first on PlayStation," Bithell confirmed to Polygon via email, regarding whether the expanded and VR versions of Volume would also be making their way to PC.

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