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See Doom's multiplayer alpha in action in new footage

id Software's new Doom will be playable this weekend, but only for folks who lucked their way into the game's closed mulitplayer alpha. The rest of us will have to be content with some fresh footage of Doom's multiplayer, which publisher Bethesda Softworks released today in a new video.

In the Doom multiplayer alpha trailer, we get a good look at some of the weapons coming to team deathmatch, including the rocket launcher, plasma rifle, static cannon, shotgun and the enemy-evaporating gauss cannon. Viewers also get a peek at what it's like to turn into one of Doom's demons, in this case, the Revenant.

Doom's multiplayer alpha kicks off tomorrow, Oct. 23. To register, you'll need to head over to the game's official website.

The new Doom is slated to launch on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One next spring.

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