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Back to the Future Day put to rest with Marty McFly declaring '2015 sucks'

Yesterday was Back to the Future Day, celebrating the date on which Marty McFly and Doc Brown finally visited the future in Back to the Future Part 2. From USA Today publishing a special cover based on a newspaper seen in the film, to a Nintendo eShop re-release of one of Marty's favorite games, to our own staff weighing in on which film in the trilogy is the best, the level of excitement surrounding the series was at a fever pitch.

One person who found himself less enamored with the celebration, however, was Marty McFly himself. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd took part in a special reunion sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, reprising their iconic characters. In full costume, the pair spoke to the late night host in-character about their impressions of 2015, which you can watch above.

Kimmel provided updates as to what's going on with other characters from the franchise, like perennial bully Biff Tannen. Marty's take on this version of 2015? It "sucks."

Marty and Doc's disappointment with 2015 — and their actors' perhaps final reprisal of them — might stand as a fitting end to the Back to the Future festivities.

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