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Jessica Jones gets dark in first official trailer

The first full length trailer for Netflix's Jessica Jones has finally arrived.

Marvel's newest show is one of the darker, more adult takes on the superhero genre, as seen in the new trailer.

With an emphasis on heavy amounts of drinking and childhood trauma, the trailer further examines the reasons Jones(played by Krysten Ritter) got into the business of protecting people while dealing with her own inner demons.

There's also a bit of a closer look at David Tennant's Kilgrave, Jones' enemy in the show. Although he's been glimpsed in the past few teasers Netflix has released, he's never been fully introduced. Now, while still mysterious, fans can get their first look at the creepy Tennant and his stalker-like relationship with the superheroine.

Also prevalent in the trailer is Luke Cage (Mike Colter), an ally to Jones in the series and the next character to get his own Netflix series, which is already in production.

The entire first season of Jessica Jones will be released on Nov. 22. Until then, here's all you need to know about the illustrious titular character.

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