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Prune is out on Android devices, and you need to play it

Prune is out now on Android devices, as well as iOS. You should play Prune. It's $3.99, and you only have to pay once. It's sad I have to make that explicit.

Prune is one of those games that teaches you how to play quickly, and then it's up to you to figure out what to do. The goal is to get your tree into the light so the branches grow a certain number of flowers. The tree grows a certain amount once you trace a general angle for its trunk from the ground, and after that you have to trim the branches to shape how and where it moves. That's it.

But what does that red ball in the sky do? Or that blue one? How do you react to the wind? What's the proper way to grow your tree so you can reach the light? The game doesn't punish you for failing; it's always a simple thing to grow another tree to try a level again. The visuals and music create a contemplative, calming space. You swipe your finger and prune. Your tree grows. You keep trying.

It's the perfect game to pass the time in stressful situations, or to calm yourself down. If you make the wrong cut it doesn't really matter; just grow another tree and begin again. The act of pruning your tree and shaping it correctly is calming, and the levels slowly introduce new ideas and challenges as you master the game.

It's a great way to spend four dollars, and the central idea of the game is important: You have to focus your attention on what's important and cut away the rest. You can only do so much, and growing in certain areas, or too many, can actually be a detriment. This is one of those rare games that costs a single price, takes full advantage of its platform and feels completely harmonious. Every aspect of Prune works together to create an engaging, enjoyable and calm experience. Highly recommended.

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