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Legend of Zelda director reveals affection for cosplay (correction)

Specifically, dressing up as his greatest creation.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is available for Nintendo 3DS today, and one of the multiplayer adventure's major features is the ability to dress-up Link in a variety of outfits.

The costume mechanic is not only important to gameplay — donning outfits like Zelda's Legendary Dress and Tingle's iconic suit grant Link unique powers — but to Eiji Aonuma, Legend of Zelda's director. Speaking to Polygon through a translator earlier this week, he revealed his particular fondness for cosplaying as the green-clad Hylian hero. "Lately, for PR reasons, I wore a Link costume," he said. "But lately, I'm starting to think I like to cosplay."

Nintendo of America uploaded an image to its Twitter account that seems to corroborate this.

Answering the question of "Who does it better?" is difficult, but Aonuma certainly appears to have enjoyed this photo session the most.

Check out half an hour of Tri Force Heroes gameplay below.

Correction: A previous version of this post called Eiji Aonuma the creator of the Legend of Zelda franchise. Aonuma is the series' producer, whereas Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator.