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Mobile game apologizes for Sonic's 'Boob' typo

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Heh heh. "Boob."

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We speak from great experience: typos are the most explainable and least fun errors you can ever make. But hey, when a Sonic game calls one of its characters "Boob," we can't not laugh along, too.

Sonic Runners, the franchise's endless runner for mobile devices, had to take a crateful of egg on the face after naming a ghost character in the game's Halloween-themed race "Boob" instead of "Boo."

Worse yet, Sega couldn't just stealth correct it. They put out a notification (spied by Twitter user Paul Veer) calling more attention to the use of "Boob" instead of "Boo," promising that they're working up a fix and apologizing "for any inconvenience caused."

sonic boob

Heh heh. "Boob."

Sonic Runners launched in June on iOS and Android platforms. It's a free-to-play game, which means there are some in-app purchases and ads to watch if you're not buying anything.

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