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Walk across all of Grand Theft Auto's maps in less than 14 minutes

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Conor Kearney likes to go for long walks — without leaving his home. He's trekked across the maps of Far Cry 4The Elder Scrolls 5: SkyrimFallout 3 and New Vegas and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, all on foot, in character. His latest video, above, is a stroll through every numbered Grand Theft Auto (plus Vice City and San Andreas).

Kearney has time-lapsed the footage so it doesn't take for-freaking-ever to see it all — just 13:19. Here's the breakdown, by timestamps in the video and then real-time.

Grand Theft Auto: 0:06 to 0:36 of the video, taking 26:30 in real time.
Grand Theft Auto 2: 0:44 to 1:11 in the video, 13:15 in real time.
Grand Theft Auto 3: 1:20 to 2:21, 14:20 real time.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: 2:28 to 3:20, 13 minutes flat, real time.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: 3:27 to 6:37, 1 hour, 36 minutes real time.
Grand Theft Auto 4: 6:44 to 9:30, 1 hour, 5 minutes real time.
Grand Theft Auto 5: 9:37 to 12:50, 2 hours, 21 minutes real time.

In walking time, the separate worlds of the first two, top-down perspective games are comparable to the first two 3D open-world editions. Things start getting really expansive with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and then GTA 5 officially stops screwing around, doubling GTA 4's walking time and coming in nearly an hour ahead of San Andreas'. This isn't a full measure of map size; some routes may be less direct because of obstacles or terrain in the way. (And six years ago, I determined C.J.'s actual walking pace to be 7:57 per mile, which is a running time I haven't made in 12 years.)

Kearney says he completed all of the games and uploaded his video in 60 frames per second. The combined six hours of walking — about 21 miles in real life at a brisk pace — "pales in comparison" to the rest of the work needed, such as unlocking maps, testing walks, editing footage "and most importantly, making sure I didn't die."

For more of Kearney's strolls, see his YouTube channel.

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